Why to avoid large wedding video companies?


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greenbergLarge video companies generate a lot of business. Most have multiple reviews and offer one stop shopping. They offer competitive pricing and wedding consultants. However, lured you are please be aware of these key points!


1. Many companies are run by middle men. They are simply wealthy people who have capital to flood the market. They can buy up lots of ads to get their message to you. They however may have no experience in any of the products and services they offer.

2. Large companies hire freelancers to do all of their work. Most of the times these freelancers are paid a fraction of the cost that you paid the company. This means that you get a low salaried and less experienced person than you are paying for.

3. Many times the video and photography people are found in ads on sites like backpage and craigslist. They may have no degree or experience in video or photo and are sometimes even hired without the company viewing a demo reel. This puts you at risk of problems with your final project.

4. The company does not come in contact with your video or prints. This means they have no way to verify that everything went well. You take a huge risk that the freelancer may have a disput with their employer and not deliver your video or photos.

To avoid this you should use a independent exerienced video company like http://www.mavevideo.com.

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Preparations for Having Your Wedding Ceremony Professionally Recorded.


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By Pete Hastings


When preparing for your wedding ceremony many people forget that their ceremony is being recorded. It is important to follow these important tips to ensure your wedding video turns out perfect.

1. Make sure your guests are told ahead of time that “No pictures or video are permitted to be taken during the ceremony” I have seen many wedding videos interrupted by rude guests who are selfish and want to take their own photos and video  during the ceremony. Many times these guests are blind to the fact that professional staff have been hired to do this. They even sometimes will walk or stand right in front of your hired media personnel to take their pictures. Nothing is worse then when the bride walks down the aisle and no one can see her because the view is obstructed with guests holding up their iPhones and iPads.(See pictures below.) It is your day and you can set your own rules that your guests must abide by. It is not unusual to make the announcement before the ceremony, print an announcement in the front of the program or even have all electronic devices turned off and checked in like a coat check. This will also ensure your ceremony is not interrupted by cell phone ringtones.

Wedding Videos

Guests who ruin your video.

Wedding Cell Phones

Do not have this at your wedding.

2. Pay extra to have your photo and video persons attend your rehearsal. It sometimes costs as little as $50 but will get you advance advice you would not otherwise have. Also, if there are any conflicts between your celebrant and your photo crew it can be worked out in advance. Nothing is worse then a minister yelling at a camera crew in the middle of your ceremony. Remember, this is your day and nothing should be imperfect.

3. No Backs to your camera– When using only one camera packages it is important to know where your videographer will be stationed. Remember if your video person is in the audience then you shouldn’t have your back to the audience. I have done many weddings where the bride and groom have their backs to the camera the entire time.(See Below) It makes for a poor wedding video, and does not leave much creativity with any other shots. You should always face each other and have your celebrant directly facing the audience.

wedding video

Poor example of how to stand.

sidewaysCorrect positioning of bride & groom.

4. Remember how to walk- It is very important to remember two factors when entering the ceremony. A. Do not walk too slow when entering and B. Do not walk too fast when exiting. Many people get overly concerned with the processional and not concerned enough with the recessional. Do not have your participants walking down the aisle too slow. This can drastically increase your ceremony duration and lead to many problems. It also makes your guests loose attention and creates more editing for your videographer. You wedding party should be properly spaced and walk at a moderate speed on the way in. Upon exit you need to be aware that your camera personnel need to follow you out, in most cases while carrying heavy gear. You need to walk at a slow pace when exiting. I have done several weddings where the bride and groom have raced out of the church at the conclusion of their ceremony only to ruin their exit videos and photos. Leave time for you media crew to pick up their equipment and follow you thoroughly, even stop at spots to take some posed pictures.

I hope this advice can help you in your wedding video planning. Please visit http://www.mavevideo.com for the lowest most affordable wedding packages anywhere. We have special pricing available until May 30th, 2015.

Why you should avoid In House Photographers & Videographers


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In the modern world of weddings it is sometimes easy to get misled into spending additional money and get talked into hiring inexperienced and sometimes incompetent vendors. Please be weary when booking your wedding venue for catering facilities that also carry in house photo and video persons. Wedding venues make additional money by having you use their in house service vendors. They will do anything to have you book these services through them. You need to be careful when booking these services. Follow these simple rules:

1. If a venue says ” they will charge you a fee to bring in outside vendors” , you should immediately walk away. Venues sometimes add fees to wedding parties for outside vendors, this is to discourage you from finding lower priced vendors. Sometimes this could be as much as $500.00 per outside vendor. They may also tell you there are insurance costs they accumulate or they are forced to charge you. Do not buy these lines!! Simple state that if you cannot bring your own vendors you will not be using their facilities. They will make the accommodations for you otherwise they may risk loosing a big pay day. If they refuse, start to look for another venue as this is not the place you will want to get married at.

2. Many venues subcontract their vendor services to companies who then hire people for even less money. You may pay $1000.00 for video services, the venue will keep $200.00 and give the video company $800.00. The Video Company will then hire another video freelancer for $300.00 or less. Therefor, your $1000.00 is only getting you the services of a $300.00 video person. You would be better off booking through a video production company for a $500.00 package. This will ensure you have at least $500.00 worth of video services.

3. The companies who work as in house vendors at certain venues may have 3 or more venues at which they book services at. That means that if a company needs 4 or five different video freelancers, you may get someone who has not shot a lot of weddings or who is inexperienced. A company like http://www.mavevideo.com only books one wedding per day. If you book straight through them you are ensured a quality video at an affordable price.greenberg4. Don’t be forced into buying expensive packages. Again, the wedding venue is just the top booking agent. They want you to pick the most expensive packages, so they make more commission. Haggle with them, show them the affordable prices that other companies offer and make them come down in price.

5. Don’t be fooled by the line ” Our Video and Photo people are the best around!’, they will try to lure you into thinking they have the best staff when “best” simple means most expensive.

6. When in doubt call http://www.mavevideo.com at 201-779-0091 or email us at mavevideo@aol.com and receive the best priced quotes.